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We have a very active PTA, which helps to organise events for both fundraising and socialising.

Meetings to organise the programmes of events are held regularly.  An amazing sum of money is raised annually by the PTA, making an immense difference to our school.

Parents and Helpers

The active support of parents is welcomed and encouraged; the school benefits from this in a number of ways.  All staff members welcome parents into the school as helpers and sharers of expertise – from helping with reading to running a club.

The School and the Community

The children thoroughly enjoy events where members of the community join us.

They also value the input of members of the community to enhance the curriculum, e.g. coming in to talk of life experiences, becoming resident artists, etc.  In addition, they relish being invited to share and take part in community events.



Tuesday 22nd October (9am) Bags2School pickup at 9am
Thursday 7th November (7:30pm) PTA meeting, Duke of York, Gate Helmsley
Friday 8th November (3:30-5:45pm)         Movie Night
Monday 4th December (7:30pm) PTA meeting, Tykes, Sandburn Hall
Friday 6th December (6-8pm) School Christmas Fair

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