Outdoor Learning

We believe strongly in the benefits of learning outside. This applies not only to our Early Years children who have free flow opportunities to access activities inside and out, but to children in all classes. Staff plan to take learning outside where possible. This might be measuring on the playground, reading, drawing, drama or any area of the curriculum the teacher is able to adapt.

We are fortunate that the grounds of both our schools to have environments that lend themselves to outdoor learning activities. While staff in always take opportunities to make the most of these, Sand Hutton has its own fantastic woodland area, which has been sensitively landscaped in places, allowing us to deliver timetabled Forest School sessions for our pupils and further develop their life skills.

These sessions compliment the planning and learning that takes place in the other parts of the school by offering the chance to explore, create and grow holistically in the outdoor environment. The children take the lead and we as practitioners, help to scaffold and build their ideas and thoughts through a wide variety of activities all based around nature, natural materials, and being outside.

From social games, to craft activities, to huddling round listening to books and having the odd hot chocolate, the children all have their favourite moments, and they have a great enthusiasm for taking part. Children of all ages have the potential to benefit from the Forest School approach, and it is also a great chance to improve mental health, self-esteem, and confidence in a safe and fun way.