Admission Arrangements

Our Published Admission Number is 6

The Local Education Authority has the responsibility for admitting children to individual schools.  They ask parents to express a preference for the schools in which they wish their children to be educated.  Wherever possible those preferences are met, unless to do so “would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources” (Education Act 1996).

Places will normally be provided for all those children who live in the catchment area of the school,  Our catchment area includes Warthill, Holtby and extends towards Stockton on the Forest, Dunnington and Stamford Bridge.

If parents prefer a school that is not the normal school for the area in which they live, their preferences are considered after those from the catchment area.  Parents needing more details of these arrangements, including the right to appeal, should contact Harrogate Area Education Office, telephone number 0845 0349420.

We are delighted to welcome children from other catchment areas.

To apply on line go to

*Admissions Policy – Under Review*