Dear Families,

What a lovely week we have all had looking after our mental health. Thank you so much children for the many different ways you have made a difference with your various and generous acts of kindness. Individuals and communities have benefited from your kindness and we are all extremely proud of the things you have done! If you were not able to attend sharing or can’t attend at Warthill next time, please feel free to pop in and find out the wonderful things our children have chosen to do for others.

On Wednesday the children at Sand Hutton took part in a book swap event and Mrs Smith and the School Council had this to say:

Thank you to parents for your involvement. Forty children at SH took part and took home a ‘new to them’ book. Some really lovely books were donated and the children seemed to really enjoy the experience. School Council are hoping to do this again next term as it was so successful.

We hope that the children enjoyed expressing themselves and ‘using their voice’ to wear what they love today. Thank you for supporting this and for sending in a little treat for the end of the day FOWs and PTA. We are all so grateful for everything you both do to support the children and families in our schools. Your contributions enrich our school families.

I didn’t need the children to remember to bring me chocolates from their visit to the Chocolate Story this week as I was fortunate enough to go with them! The visit was really interesting and very chocolaty! The children’s behaviour was something to be proud of throughout the day and this is despite the constant drip feed of sugar! Quite an achievement. Well done everyone. Thank you too to FOWs for paying for this visit. We really appreciate this!

It is difficult to believe that we have reached half term already. I wish everyone a relaxing week and look forward to seeing everyone return safe and sound on Monday 19th February.

Happy Holidays!

With every best wish,

Beverley Pawson
Sand Hutton and Warthill Federated Schools