Dear Families,

Firstly, thank you to anyone who sent in donations for Children in Need. The day is looking colourful and exciting!

Today has been sharing assembly at Warthill and we have enjoyed celebrating successes and awarding Corinthian medals. Thank you for joining us this morning if you were able. We were very proud of the children who entered the art competition and look forward to seeing their work in print when the copies of the books arrive in our schools.

It feels like we are rushing headlong into December with everything that entails. We are already practising for nativities and I know you will love what we will be sharing with you. Just a reminder of dates for these. December 13th at Sand Hutton at 9am and 6pm, December 19th at Warthill at 9am and 5.30pm.

While we are talking Christmas, I would like to let you know about the Sand Hutton Christmas Fair. There will be more details coming your way, but this is a ‘save the date’ for Friday 15th December….a Christmas elf has told me that the man himself may just be dropping by. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

December is looking busy even though November seems to be a quiet one. Look out for a letter about a Junior Class visit at Warthill and I have booked a theatre company to come and perform in Sand Hutton Hall for all children in both schools which I will send further details out about.

Please take the opportunity to take a breather during November because I think December will be a rollercoaster ride of fun!

Have a lovely weekend,

With every best wish,

Beverley Pawson


Sand Hutton and Warthill Federated Schools